Brock street

The heart of simple living

less is more as a philosophy has never been more evident in my journey of interiors as it is today. 

the real joy of simple living comes from finding those little pieces that connect us to a moment and memory that take you to the feeling of being home.  there are times in life that all we need is a warm space, a comfortable chair, fantastic lighting and nothing can seem more pure than taking in that simple experience...which could be anywhere from the beach, to a rustic cabin, to a highrise on the upper east side of manhattan.

I started my interiors career in seattle back in 2001 after consulting a friend on selecting interior paint colors, which led to helping her paint those interiors and then adding some molding to her get the picture.  Well, that job led to several other clients in seattle, nyc, the hamptons, san francisco and sonoma...from big budget to no budget and everything in between.